Bob Wayne – Driven By Demons – Video

Take a drive on the wild side with Bob Wayne in his new video, Driven By Demons.

I’ve been a fan of Bob Wayne‘s for quite a few years, watching him in small clubs in Phoenix, and now again in Fayetteville, and I think I’ve loved just about everything he’s put out so far. Now he’s got this new video for his song “Driven By Demons” and I have to say he’s completely outdone himself! Keep it comin Bob!


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2 thoughts on “Bob Wayne – Driven By Demons – Video

  1. It’s about time real true country musicians are getting the much needed respect they deserve! WAY TO GO BOB!!

  2. Hey Bob…Pretty Excited about this….Been a Long Road..but you have Seriously Got the Music in YOU!!!…:-) Just keep Smiling…all the way to the BANK…LOL