Callin’ out Ashton Shepherd!

Ashton Shepherd, your fans want more!

Every once in a while an artist comes along who does far more than offer listeners a catchy tune. They reach out of the radio and grab a place in our hearts or thoughts or dreams and just hold on tight for the ride to come. They put a voice to the pain and love and hope we share with only the most intimate of friends. They inspire us.

Ashton Shepherd, you are an absolutely inspiring performer who is able to reach people on a deep and personal level. Your lyrics and voice drive younger performers like the amazingly talented gal in the video shown above out of their shells and out into the world to share their gifts.

According to the most recent updates that have come across our desks here at CMNB, you were due to release a single last month, but nothing’s come up yet. What can we, your devoted fans, do to light a fire under the rears of the powers-that-be to get your new music out?


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2 thoughts on “Callin’ out Ashton Shepherd!

  1. It brings so much joy to sing songs that are meaningful to others. After a recent performance, a girl who was just about to go to music school said that she was so impressed with our performance and our songs. She said we were an inspiration for her future.There’s nothing better than touching people with your music.

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