Carrie Underwood Wedding Pictures

Carrie Underwood may have been hush about her wedding beforehand, but now it’s all she can talk about!

Carrie Underwood‘s romantic and highly secretive wedding to NHL player Mike Fisher may have been carried out under the radar, (and under a paparazzi-blocking tent) but now the couple is ready to share it with the world!

Carrie Underwood, complete with gown and bouquet, graces the cover of this week’s People magazine. In the issue Carrie talks all about the wedding details, covering everything from her trick to keep from crying, to her adorably adorned puppy.

According to other online media sources, Carrie and new husband are getting plenty of R&R in the sun and sand before they have to go back to the “real world”. Mike returns to training for the brutal NHL sport, and Carrie resumes her Play On tour in just a few weeks. Congratulations to the happy couple!Country Music Photo Gallery

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