CMA Fest 2013 Tickets On Sale!

CMA Fest 2013 Gets Early Start On Sales!

Normally the Country Music Association waits until the current year’s CMA Fest has come to a close before they start selling the next year’s tickets. For 2013 though, it’s a different story! Event organizers are trying a new tactic and putting the tickets on sale well in advance… As in, even before the 2012 Fest has even kicked off.

The 2013 CMA Fest tickets will officially go on sale at 10 AM, Saturday, April 19th! For those active via CMA Facebook and Twitter or subscribed to CMA Mob and/or CMA Exclusive, tickets are available right now.

So, you know what this means country music fans? You better get your calendars out and start planning for next year because these tickets are are gonna go faster than ever before!

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