Laura Bell Bundy at The Grand Ole Opry

Laura Bell Bundy at The Grand Ole Opry? Ridiculous!

Last Saturday night, Laura Bell Bundy, debuted on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry. How long has Bundy been in the country music industry? I don’t know, maybe all of five minutes! What considerations are looked at before an artist is asked to perform on The Opry? I’m thinking with the latest guest appearance, not much. I mean we are talking about a stage that Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, and George Jones have performed on.

So, someone please enlighten me as to why this girl deserves such an honor?Country Music Photo Gallery

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2 thoughts on “Laura Bell Bundy at The Grand Ole Opry

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  2. What the hell is your problem!!!! I didn’t hear u bitch when Kevin Kostner howled on the
    opry. Josh Turner also played the opry while his first song just released. Whats your prob
    lem with miss Bundy, she has loads of talent and is easy to look at. So get your head on your words are cheap, hope you don’t get paid for your Opinions.