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Oklahoma Country Music News BlogCMNB has now relocated to Oklahoma!

The internet’s top ranking independently-ran country music news site has finally completed the move from hot and dry Phoenix, Arizona to the beautiful green country of rural northeast Oklahoma. To those who have emailed us in the last few weeks, I apologize. Our main PC got a little carsick and lost its’ cookies somewhere between Tucumcari and OKC. We’ve given her some tums and a a bit of a brain scramble and we’re back to good now so go on ahead and resend those emails and press releases!

If you are interested in submitting promotional materials, or albums for review or giveaway, please ship to or contact us at:
The DH Network
c/o Shauna Castorena
RR 3 Box 51548
Westville, OK 74965

(918) 409-2867

Comin’ up soon we’ll have some very special giveaways from artists like Willie Nelson, Reba, Holy Williams and many more, so stay tuned!Country Music Photo Gallery

About Shauna Castorena

From day one Shauna (AKA WhiskeyChick) has made one thing clear: CMNB is about the music and for the fans. That's why she heads up strong efforts to get you the most exclusive interviews and fastest scoops on the latest country music news out there. She doesn't gossip, and she doesn't tattle, she just makes sure you get the news honest, and in depth!

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