Patsy Cline Exhibit At Country Music Hall Of Fame

New Patsy Cline Exhibit Coming To Country Music Hall of Fame.

One of country music’s greatest female singers, Patsy Cline, is getting her own brand new exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame! The exhibit is going to be placing an emphasis on Cline’s childhood and how she came to be the Patsy Cline despite hardships. So, we’ll get to see the woman behind all that great music we grew up listening to.

“…will not only explore Patsy’s musical contributions, but will also offer visitors a look at the woman behind the songs, the firecracker who overcame childhood hardships to emerge as one of the most important artists of the 20th century.” -Kyle Young, Museum Director

I for one love to see the women in country music getting this kind of attention, and I am sure this will be a fascinating exhibit! Will you check it out?

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